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Search results

  1. fanofthereds

    Video Reviews

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xs62KXCYtr4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Check out my first attempt at a lure review.
  2. fanofthereds

    Video Bass Pro Shops Unboxing

    Hey folks. I have another vid, this one is a Bass Pro Shops unboxing. I am getting a tad bit better with my editing, and my sound is a lot better on this one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaIfxUUIvPI Let me know what you think. . .
  3. fanofthereds

    Video Mystery Tackle Box(Bass)

    Hey all, I have decided to try my hand at videos, and my first attmept is doing an unboxing for Mystery Tackle Box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqpnW5t_uxM Let me know what you think and how I can stop looking like a tool.
  4. fanofthereds

    Data Colors, Are they what we make them out to be?

    Here is an interesting article. I'm not sure if I agree whole heartedly with his conclusion at the end, but the basic premise and assistance in choosing colors based on water clarity and cloud cover. http://www.fix.com/blog/view-from-below-lures-underwater/
  5. fanofthereds

    News Rumbling Waters Bass Club

    I have finally joined my first bass club, becoming a member of Rumbling Waters Bass Club of Wetumpka, AL. Wetumpka means Rumbling Waters in the Creek Indian language. It was so named because of the rapids and boulders that stick out of the Coosa River that runs past the town. The club hold a...
  6. fanofthereds

    Report Lake Martin

    On Jan 18th, the Rumbling Waters Bass Club(of Wetumpka, AL), held the first bass tournament of the 2015 year. Although there was strong wind gusts and bluebird skies, many of the anglers found their limits and a few even excelled. The winning weight was 13.75lbs, 5 fish limit. 2 Largemouth...
  7. fanofthereds

    Autauga Creek

    This small creek is mostly so shallow you can't even kayak in it, but in downtown Prattville, AL there is a dam where the original Cotton Gin Mill was that founded this town. Behind that dam is some very fish able water. Only got the chance to fish it for 20 minutes before a severe...
  8. fanofthereds

    Lake Jordan

    Lake Jordan may be known as a Bass lake, being ranked in the Top 100 by Bassmaster, but Sunday night, it proved to harbor some kitty's too.
  9. fanofthereds

    Toulouse State Park

    Tonight I went to Ft. Toulouse to try my luck there. This was my view: It's was kinda slow after all the rains we have had. But I threw the traveling Jitterbug at a crease in the pads. After retrieving it about 6' or so, I see a large shadow following it. So I stop the lure and wait...
  10. fanofthereds

    Six Mile Creek Park

    Today I finally got to wet a line in Alabama. While I only got to fish for 20 minutes, it was productive with 2 solid bites and a couple timid ones too. I did manage to land one: Nothing huge, but he at least weighed in at an even pound.
  11. fanofthereds

    Catawba River(Riverwalk, Rock Hill, SC)

    4lb 10oz Channel Catfish 1lb 14oz Channel Catfish Stopped at the river for the first time since the move. Put on the Secret 7 Catfish bait from Team Catfish and what a time I had. I have watched the videos on Team Catfish's YouTube channel, and figured they probably doctored the vids a...
  12. fanofthereds

    Heritage Lake

    Stopped a new spot recommended by a buddy. Not bad for a quick hitter Thank goodness for the $1.50 chrome super spot!!!
  13. fanofthereds

    Report Winthrop University Park Lake

    Hit this little spot on my way home tonight. Have yet to talk to anyone actually having caught anything, but the trees limbs are littered with bobbers, so something must reside there. Upon closer inspection, lots a underwater brush holding thousands of baitfish made me curious. So I...
  14. fanofthereds

    Bass Pro Shops weekend

    This weekend was Bass Pro Shops kickoff to bass weekend. I got to attend a seminar by Tracey Adams(BPS B.A.S.S. Elite series Angler) on jig fishing. Good info and cool guy.
  15. fanofthereds

    Report Weequahic Park Lake

    Short stop before a midday meeting, and managed 3 small Bass
  16. fanofthereds

    Report Echo Lake

    Another new Lake, another beautiful spot. And met with some minor success, however to this point that elusive NJ Channel Catfish still eludes me and haunts my dreams. But the Kyoban strikes again!
  17. fanofthereds

    Review Doc Irv Custom Baits Review

    Over the Labor Day weekend, Doc was having a buy 2 get one free sale. I purchased 2 bags of Frogs with Powerbait scent and floatation added. I received them quickly and the "Mystery Color" the was the third bag turned out to be a dark green, almost black. Right away you can tell this product...
  18. fanofthereds

    Report Crandon Lakes(Sussex County)

    Stopped for the first time at a new spot. The bridge on the lower portion is being rebuild, so my job brought me out here. Pretty little spot and I couldn't resist getting my line wet. One look from this spot told me all I needed to know. Throw Doc Irv's frog that he made for me. And...
  19. fanofthereds

    Sunrise Lake(Mendam,NJ)

    I've been here several times and it's a very good Sunfish lake. But with all the talk locally about this holding quality Largemouth, I decided to stop by and see After just a few casts: Caught it on the Silver/Black Bomber Model 8A Despite more fishing, throwing frogs, cranks, Kyobans...
  20. fanofthereds

    Broken Shards

    Here's a tip from Old School Fishing Tactics: Quick Crappie Tip #17: The "Broken Shards" Secret Here's what you need: * 2 Battery Powered Halogen Bulbs * 2 Mason Jars * Some broken glass from old windshields * 2 rusty horseshoes STEP 1: Put the shards of broken glass at the bottom of each...