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  1. bass or bass?

    News Fcc9

    Howdy everybody. I've been a long time gone eh? April 23-26 we are sponsoring the 9th annual Flat Cat Classic catfish tournament at Bartlett Lake, Arizona. Expecting around 200 entrants this year from at least four states. This is the largest catfish tournament west of the Mississippi. Check it...
  2. bass or bass?

    Hello, everyone!

    If you search through the forums back through the years you'll find a wealth of information. Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing! ^!
  3. bass or bass?

    Video Ramp Monsters - Canal Marlin

    Needlefish. I've caught lots of them in Florida. Lots of fun. :D
  4. bass or bass?

    Discussion I'm Back

    I feel for you brother.My 90 year old mother has been living with us since February. I'm taking her back to her home in Pennsylvania in two weeks from today. It's going to be a LONG two weeks! :rolleyes:
  5. bass or bass?

    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing. If you come to Arizona I can hook you up with the best flathead catfish anglers in the state. My club's members hold all the current state records for catfish . Check us out at www.catfishaz.com.<><
  6. bass or bass?

    Video Extreme Big Tarpon Fishing - Lunkerdog

    That brings back memories. I used to fish for tarpon and snook when I was a teenager in Florida.:D
  7. bass or bass?

    Data Book YOUR next Charter here.

    I sure would lve to charter a Florida fishing trip. I miss that wonderful fishing!:cool:
  8. bass or bass?

    News Merry Christmas 2016

    Wishing all Outdoor-Fishing members and their families the very merriest of Christmas's and a healthy and prosperous New Year ! :D
  9. bass or bass?

    Alert! Still kicking................

    Nice to know you all are still doing well and checking out the forum. Marry Christmas to you. :D
  10. bass or bass?

    fishing buddy

    hi Vic. I'm still working and don't fish week nights (except Thursday and Friday nights when I can schedule time off). I rarely fish anywhere other than Bartlett. Have you fished any of the ACCA tournaments? Lots of ACCA members may be interested in joining you weeknights. I'm a 4 year ACCA...
  11. bass or bass?

    Question? Why Turn Off the Console Depth Finder

    Looks like you've already found the solution by using two different manufacturer's units.;)
  12. bass or bass?

    News ACCA adopt-a-highway

    We had our second adopt-a-highway cleanup Sunday. A total of 13 members and family showed up to clean our mile of highway leading into Bartlett Lake Arizona. We picked up 14 bags of trash, a cooler lid, and a chunk of concrete with a length of pipe in it. The first cleanup accounted for 34 bags...
  13. bass or bass?

    News ACCA member appreciation day

    What a great event this was. The lake is @ a mile long and 1/3 mile wide. Beautiful trees and rushes around the lake and a large grassy cmpground. And no motor boats so kayaking was superb without wakes to deal with. Looks like this is going to be an annual event. :D
  14. bass or bass?

    News ACCA member appreciation day

    ACCA is having a member appreciation day November 12th at a very special location. The dam at Lake Pleasant has a very small lake just below it. This lake is managed by the Salt River Project and fishing there is by invitation only. The fishing is supposed to be fantastic. This will be the...
  15. bass or bass?

    News ACCA Fall Tournament

    The ACCA Fall Tournament was last weekend. Although I was unable to attend I do have some information on the event. We had over 100 entrants for the three day event which was held at Bartlett Lake Arizona. The first place fish was caught by a good friend and ACCA board member Shanon Templin. The...
  16. bass or bass?

    Hello from Delaware

    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing. Hope you enjoy your stay. :D
  17. bass or bass?

    Finely went fishing

    I got hammered with rush work today so I probably will not go next weekend. I need the income.
  18. bass or bass?

    Finely went fishing

    I may go as a non contestant to the ACCA Fall Catfish Derby in 8 days. shrug I'm boatless at present.
  19. bass or bass?

    Finely went fishing

    Don't think I'll be doing any fishing this year. Maybe by my birthday in April. :(
  20. bass or bass?

    Pelican Intruder 12..Pro& cons?..Good buy?

    THe plastic boats are kind of formed like a tri-hull fiberglass boat so they have a little more stability than a flat bottomed aluminum boat but due their small size they aren't as stable as a larger, wider boat would be. My two cents