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    Thanks to the Outdoor-fishing for the birthday wishes

    Thanks to the Outdoor-fishing for the birthday wishes
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    In Memory of.......

    It is so hard to lose one so young, condolence's
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    Alert! Tragic loss for our community...

    What a loss! So sorry.
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    Data Member's Registry Washington

    Hi Malottguy, I wondered what happened to you. I used to see your post, then you vanished. I am still in Soap Lake. I have a Grandson, and his family living in Shelton, Lake Limmerik, I think it is called. They were over here last weekend, and I got to take my 5yr. old great grand son, to Mardon...
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Cliff

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Cliff
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    Issue with FireFox?

    I have trouble with FF all the time especially when I try to open outdoor-fishing.
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    Data Member's Registry Washington

    Cliff Huff. Fish mainly Moses Lake, Banks Lake, Potholes res., Billy Clapp. Live in Soap Lake. mainly fish Walleye, Perch, crappie. will lower my standards to fish for trout once in a while, mainly for the smoker.! Also fish Lake Lenore.
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    Data Members Map

    Cliff-Soap Lake Wa.
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    Had a good day yesterday. Caught a 26" Lahotan cutthroht trout from Lake Lenore in Grant Co. Wa. Cliff