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Search results

  1. solitario lupo

    bass carp flies

    Looking to do a little more fly fishing. Got a fly rod that just collects dust all summer looking to get into more of the summer fish. What flies do u guys use for bass and carp fishing.
  2. solitario lupo

    past trip

    Everything was flooding over just got a couple of days fishing in. Got a lot of small sea bass and some big stingers. 30 some lber
  3. solitario lupo

    trophy trout

    Tis the time of year when all those nice small trout come in the rivers and creeks bigger and badder. Whos getting ready. Just need some rain and the pods will be swimming.
  4. solitario lupo

    saltwater flies

    Will be heading to the ocean haha. Anyone know of any good flies to use. I was hoping to tie some up, to give it a try.
  5. solitario lupo


    Never got into fishing for freshwater drum until we caught this guy and a bunch more. This drum was the biggest the rest was around the 2 foot range. What great fighters they are. Just curious do people eat them.
  6. solitario lupo


    Never really target catfish but im goin for the big 1s. How shallow or how deep should i go. fishing both river or lake.
  7. solitario lupo

    Question? whos been fishing

    The weather warmed up. The snow and ice is melted. Are opening day for trout is coming up and spring is here. Still been getting a lot of rain wants it clears up and a little bit warmer Ill be making my trips.
  8. solitario lupo


    Looking to stock up on some musky lures. I heard swim whizz was a good 1. So what do u guys think. What's ur top 3. Give the colors. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  9. solitario lupo

    red fish get notice

    The drums make it into the paper. Sure would like to catch1. Anyone know of any good places to start at. My grandpap used to catch them like crazy out of the three rivers...
  10. solitario lupo

    Question? would it be

    Does look like a nice size for a record. http://www.onthewater.com/12-year-old-catches-and-releases-possible-state-record-bluegill/ Would u catch and release or take the record?
  11. solitario lupo

    Gallery sturgeon

    My cousin and his buddy went to catch lake trout. oops wrong fish
  12. solitario lupo

    Question? smallmouth bass

    Heading out to do some smally fishing and looking for some advice on what flies to bring. Thinking about going for 2 days, so need 2 days worth of flies. lol Any other help shoot it out there.
  13. solitario lupo

    New trout regs..

    Been seen this pop up a lot so figure give it a post here. Seems like they took some of the approved trout water, in some places and opened them up to all year round fishing. This may be a good or bad thing for ya but for me im happy. Now you can fish for those others feeshes that you couldn?t...
  14. solitario lupo

    On the Ice

    It was a great day fishing. 3 buddies and i caught 7 of these guys all nice size. It was getting bad when we left. Glad we beat the snow.
  15. solitario lupo

    fly tying

    Started a fly tying group for all our fly tyers. If anyone is interested sign up.
  16. solitario lupo

    Ice reports

    Looks like the ice is here in some of the smaller lakes. The biggers 1s need more time. In 2 weeks, im saying or hoping they should be good to go. Cannonsburg lake has about 1in. Cross creek lake nothing, no ice. More updates to come. Bring on the ice.
  17. solitario lupo

    bye bye birdy

    This is a neat vid to watch. Might have to give it a shot. lol http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=56a_1354864868
  18. solitario lupo

    gizzard shad

    These guys are starting to take over the couple of lakes ive been fishing. Boy what a pain they are. Whats the deal on keeping them. I would like to cut them up and use them for bait...
  19. solitario lupo

    erie tribs

    Heard the creeks are high and muddy 2day. Finally got some decent rain. Should be some good steelhead fishing this week. Hope for more rain to come.^!
  20. solitario lupo

    Question? Favorite Plastic Lure

    Whats ur favorite plastic. What color and how do u fish them. Also what do u catch. I have a curly tail grub, grey with silver specs. I use just on a hook or with a pink jig head and seem to be doin great with bass. Been using it for years and still goin strong.