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  • Saw the pic of the spinner with the Panther Martin type blade, where did you find them I've been looking for those
    am i in am i in

    bluegill crappie size stuff is what i would be interested in testing there Brent
    Summer is here i fthe fires dont get us and no more drug planes crash in my laker lakes it is on like Butter beans wid some pork neck~~
    Naw you get it all its your work proud to help hope they gave ya some feel better pills if not take a drop or two of da corn but just a drop or two or you will be crowing on the barn ,take care cousin
    Well some times a blind sow can catch a cripple earthworm or snuff out an acorn stupid groundhogs anyway winter has crept back messing up turkey hunting and oh my god spring fishing not to mention a stupid drug plane in my prime Laker lake ok ok ok !! enuff whining about hte weather sounding like joe w but dang if he aint earn the right wid da weather they have had. Great score on the molds would like to learn that just lazy I guess dont meen to be its I like you work all the time and oh well could make a dozen or more reasons i quess but hey congrats on the mold score and if you get time make a bout half dozen of your big jigs white, yellow and green and tell me what you want and my buddy at work been hounding me for since I showed him my swag you sent me he will pony up and i know I can get you some jig orders heck send me som1/8 and 1/4 could use them myself give mae a call cousin let me knows whats up wid ya !!! Doug
    I'm looking forward to it! May have to fill up the bathtub to give it a "tank test"! Can't wait to see what your mind came up with! Thanks loads. Best---- joeW
    I will be looking for it. Kind of talking a trip to Florida in March.
    May have to whip this fine lure on some fish there.
    Hope the Snows gone!
    All I can say is, GO JOE GO ! My tires would still be smok'in from getting there to pick that stuff up.
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