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Recent content by Scuba Chris

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    1st Day Back Fishing!

    My Video Cam Failed, Got Sun Burned, But Got The Fish & Gave it Away-Good Day:) After my 5-week Pandemic prison term i got out to fish. Still had to follow the rules. Stay 6ft away from others while wearing a mask & no sitting down from the high tide mark while fishing. I decided to follow the...
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    Modified UW Leader Bridge For SPYDRO Cam!

    How To Keep The Fish In Front Of The Camera! I took some ideas off my Water Wolf Video Camera & incorporated some of those functions into my Spydro Camera. One of my re-curing issues is having the baited leader line work it's way in back of the camera's lens. Since i'm casting from shore the...
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    Stretchable Fluorocarbon Over Monofilament Leaders?

    My Review of Soft Steel's Fluoro-Stretch Leader Line! Fluoro-Stretch is a stretchable fluorocarbon leader produced by Okuma's Soft Steel. It is a true fluorocarbon leader line that can stretch like monofilament. It was perfected by tuna jiggers off California targeting Yellowfin & Bluefin. It...
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    How I Prepare For Whipping At Night!

    My LineDancer, Rapala Charge n Glow & Utility Lanyard Are Part Of My Night Arsenal! I love the serenity of whipping "spin casting" at night. Less people around, hardly any traffic & it's cooler. The drawback? I force myself to stay awake the following day but totally worth it. So how do i...
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    Catch & Release Bait Casting From Shore!

    Releasing Undersized to Inedible Fish Species! I tend to release almost all my catches unless a friend asks me to save them some fish. Live or dead bait casting from shore we refer to as "Dunking". My favorite dead baits are cut thick ika "squid" & fresh frozen shrimp that i salt before...
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    C & R Spin Casting Highlights!

    Practicing Catch & Release Helps Sustain The Environment! I like to go whipping, another term for spin casting. Sometimes i either catch undesirable species or sizes that are under the legal limits. Day or night, reef or sand it doesn't matter. It's non-stop action & you can cover miles...
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    My Favorite Jack Attacks of 2019!

    Jacks Are Wild, Powerful & Delicious! It's been 5 weeks since i went out fishing. I spooled new line on all my reels to cleaning & lubing them as well. I love to dunk my baits inshore with my Surf Rigs while whipping the shorelines nearby waiting for the bell to sound. I hate just sitting...
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    Barracuda Strikes!

    Meet Mr Barry Cuda! Locally known as a Kaku i personally regard this as a "rubbish" fish. The slimy coat smells, they slice up my hooked fish & cleanly cut through my leaders costing me my hooks & lures. The larger ones do put up a decent fight. I do keep a few under 10lb for friends who do...
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    What Do Small Eels Attract?

    Was Using a Live Eel To Attract a GT! I was fishing off a pier near some friends last summer & my buddies wife caught a small eel. So they gave it to me & i used it to try for something big. For several minutes the line was vibrating & it stopped. So i tried to bring the line in but it was like...
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    Bonefish Memories of 2019!

    My Pandemic Prison Makes me Wonder if i Should Stay Inside or Fish Outside? I can go fishing if i'm actively fishing and not sitting down on a chair or towel. Plus i'd have to stay away 6ft from anyone. I won't be able to fish in State Parks or park in them. Fine is $5,000. Plus police officers...
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    Memories of Pre-Pandemic Fishing!

    Underwater SPYDRO Videos of 2019! For a month i haven't gone out fishing. No new gear to "play" with. Needless to say it's been boring though i'm getting home projects done. Many of my fishing buddies love to watch my underwater videos that i've captured on my underwater SPYDRO Camera. So i...
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    Mustad's NEW Zippy Jigs For 2020!

    What Are Zippy Jigs & How Can I Use Them? Zippy Jigs are specially bottom weighted for long distance casting from the boat or shoreline. In production testing it has been proven a successful jig for pelagics like tuna to inshore species like jacks. These jigs are injection molded w/Japan hot...
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    Why Offset Hooks Are Good For Whipping Grubs!

    Mustad's offset "Bait Holder-Sliced Shank" Sickle Hook Review! I chose this type of hook for 2 reasons. 1) Offset tip. 2) Shank sickles. I needed a multipurpose day & day whipping hook (spin casting) to use for grubs. The attributes is perfect for my choice of grubs. CHL "Completely Hooked...
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    I Thought Mustad Only Made Hooks?

    Mustad Does Make Terminal Fishing Gear Besides Hooks! Mustad Fishing started in 1832 in a small town in Norway & has been selling fishing tackle & accessories since 1877. Known for pioneering the World in fishing hook sales Mustad products now range from lures to jigs & flies, fishing line to...
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    Can We Still Fish in Hawaii?

    In These Crazy Times Yes We Can Fish- Just got to Follow The Rules! I've been asked many times during this Pandemic if we can fish in Hawaii? So i emailed DLNR to get the final say in this crazy situation. Also looked at the Governor's Proclamation on what's the State of Hawaii is allowing. I...