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Recent content by Mustache

  1. Mustache

    Welcome From Ireland here

    Welcome to O~F .....lots of good people here
  2. Mustache

    Hey im in texas

    Welcome bka .....lots of good people here
  3. Mustache

    Rave TWO weeks until "The Meet"!!!

    Saturday only due to work schedule ....Both my wife and I
  4. Mustache

    Hello from the North end of Pymatuning Lake

    Welcome Sam ....lots of good people here
  5. Mustache

    Welcome Northern Lights Resort

    Welcome to O~F .....Lots of good people here !!
  6. Mustache

    Welcome New Central, PA Member

    Welcome Bill ....I am a S Western Pa'er.....Lots of good people here from all over the place !!!
  7. Mustache

    Welcome New member fresh meadows ny

    Welcome yo O~F double 9 ....lots of good people here
  8. Mustache

    Alert! Tentative Head count for 2014 Member Meet.

    Great Idea Vito ......Swap meet ...I know I can come up with some stuff that when I saw it hanging on the hook at the store that I could not live with out ....Just have to find it ...Probably still in the original package ...might even have the receipt to go with it
  9. Mustache

    New Member New Member from Fairborn, Ohio

    Welcome to O~F .....Lots of good people here !!!
  10. Mustache

    Welcome New Member

    Welcome to the site jayski !!! .....Lots of good people here
  11. Mustache

    Cool Thank you !!!

    Thank You Pa .....for putting up with us ...lol..lol lollol
  12. Mustache

    Welcome New Member

    Welcome to O~F .....lots of good people here ..!!!
  13. Mustache

    Welcome Greetings from Saskatchewan

    Welcome to O~F .....lots of good people here ...Great vid too !!!
  14. Mustache

    Question? Voluntary Youth License in PA

    If the money raised would be used to fund youth programs and such I don't see a problem ....but is the monies going to be restricted to that program only? ...or will it go into the general fund and it slowly disappears into other areas that do not promote youth getting involved in fishing ...
  15. Mustache

    Alert! Pymie Ice

    Just got in from Pyme ...Great day to be out ....unfortunatly the fish wern't co operating but a great time fishing with FISHERMAN154 ....and Chris was on the mark again ....yes it was 25 to 30 mph winds .. Thanks to all ice should be good for a while ...need to make another trip ....Keep us...