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  • I'm still out there. Now I'm chasing the Northern Pike. It's a much slower season, but they are there to be had if I can just be patient enough.
    thanks mo it has been fun now as soon as therapy starts for my ankle I can get back out there, have to loose the crutches first so I can carry my gear
    Glad to hear you are getting those fish...way ta go!
    hope all goes well for your mom and have a safe trip to and from, I will be going out fishing at 4 am sunday morning hope they are biting, I only had one bite this morning but I know that happens
    Hi! My shoulder is GREAT! I'm so glad I got this surgery done. I've only gotten 1 fishing trip in this year back in April after I got back from visiting my mom in Pennsylvania. I did a lot of repairs and maintainance around her house. I just got back from there again 10 days ago after spending 10 days there. She had carotid artery surgery and needed me there to help her. Now I'm back and am burried with work that accumulated for 10 days. Don't know when I'll get to fish. She will need breast cancer surgery now and I'll be going back again to help her with recovery once more.
    I'm going fishing Friday and Saturday. Bass, crappie, and sunfish are all on the beds right now, and channel and flathead catfish are on their per-spawn feeding binge. Hope to catch a bunch of fish this weekend!
    I think you'll do better when temps warm up a bit and stay there. Happy Fishing!
    All healed. Feels great too. However, I have an irrepairable tendon that is life changing. No "heavy" lifting, no climbing ladders, etc., for the rest of my life.
    Fishing; I'm going April 12/13. Haven't been to Bartlett Lake in 2 years. It's usually quite shallow due to poor rains but this year it will be full, 100% capacity, by my fishing trip, so that's where I'm going. Bartlett is known for it's big catfish; 50 pounders not uncommon! That'll be my target! <><
    My surgeon says I can go fishing for my annual birthday trip in April. Can't wait!! Gonna get Pooder Pie all cleaned and shiny for my Birthday trip!
    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing, THE place to talk fishing! Hope you find the forums enjoyable and informative. Looking forward to your posts. Happy Fishing! <><
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