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Recent content by fanofthereds

  1. fanofthereds

    Video Mystery Tackle Box(Bass)

    My Mystery Tackle Box came really late this month. It arrived on the 22nd. Also, it was the box most everyone else got back in January. I know this, because my Dibble Digest was from January, not April. Second month in a row I didn't get the current month's box. Going to try Lucky Tackle...
  2. fanofthereds

    Video Reviews

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xs62KXCYtr4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Check out my first attempt at a lure review.
  3. fanofthereds

    Video Bass Pro Shops Unboxing

    Hey folks. I have another vid, this one is a Bass Pro Shops unboxing. I am getting a tad bit better with my editing, and my sound is a lot better on this one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaIfxUUIvPI Let me know what you think. . .
  4. fanofthereds

    Video Mystery Tackle Box(Bass)

    Yeah, I was worried about the one from last night. The microphone on my camera isn't the best and it was also late(had done some night fishing before I came home and did my review), so I was being careful to not be too loud for the family who were in bed. My future vids should have a better...
  5. fanofthereds

    Question? whos been fishing

    I have to buddy. But I know his pond and unfortunately that isn't the case there. His dam broke a few years back and he lost all of his fish. He catches some smalls in his other pond and transplants them, but until they have time to grow, a 2lber is a rare find.
  6. fanofthereds

    Question? whos been fishing

    Got out tonight for a little night fishing on a buddies pond. Good times and a decent keeper. 16" and 1lb 12oz. Not bad for his little pond.
  7. fanofthereds

    Video Mystery Tackle Box(Bass)

    Newest Mystery Tackle Box unboxing. https://youtu.be/KRyUhS-Bvqc Check me out and as always, I'd love some feedback. KRyUhS-Bvqc
  8. fanofthereds

    Video Mystery Tackle Box(Bass)

    Yeah, my knock off GoPro(SJ4000) doesn't have the greatest mic. And no way of attaching an external mic either. I may have to do a separate mic for recording or do voiceover during editing.
  9. fanofthereds

    Video Mystery Tackle Box(Bass)

    Hey all, I have decided to try my hand at videos, and my first attmept is doing an unboxing for Mystery Tackle Box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqpnW5t_uxM Let me know what you think and how I can stop looking like a tool.
  10. fanofthereds

    Discussion Have you seen this???

    That's a crazy Spot! A good one around here is 3-5lbs.
  11. fanofthereds

    New Old Guy...

    Welcome. I am also originally from OH. Also, am a Southern transplant(now living in AL).
  12. fanofthereds

    Thanks for the add

    Welcome. Ask anything you want, we'll do our best to at least engage you with an opinion. LOL
  13. fanofthereds

    Question? whos been fishing

    Been out a bit, had some luck sprinkled into a bit more of beautiful scenery.
  14. fanofthereds

    Data Colors, Are they what we make them out to be?

    Here is an interesting article. I'm not sure if I agree whole heartedly with his conclusion at the end, but the basic premise and assistance in choosing colors based on water clarity and cloud cover. http://www.fix.com/blog/view-from-below-lures-underwater/
  15. fanofthereds

    Report Lake Martin

    I settled on P-Line Flouroclear. I like the idea of the Flourocarbon coating on a copolymer line. It's plenty clear enough to fool the fish, and it's not as thick per line size.