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  • Yep I figured it was powell, I could not place the other locations from Vacation highlites. Did ya do any good a powell?
    Hey Bro , What time are you going to be settled in after work tomorrow. The last seven days have sucked . I owe you a phone call. Put your thinking hat on and we'll see what we can dream up to fish with. Later
    Hey Ole Pal, new molds aren't in yet . Couldn't use them if they did . I'll be pulling double shifts this week . Your gonna have to do all my fishing for me . Man this is what you get in the health care biz. Later Pard
    Hey Cuz , got a day or two of hope to get to them jigs . Tell you what I'll send some and you can sell them to the guy that's bugging you . You probably know what each size goes for down there . You take 40% send me the rest. Here is the health update . I have to start Ankylosing Spondylitis. Bad sh!t, attacks the spine . means eventually I'll look like a question mark and hurt like the devil. The bone scan and other tests are not in yet. I got a feeling the martial arts crap I used to do caused a bunch of the damage. Losing weight for some reason down to 166 lbs and 2 " shorter than my drivers license says. Was 5'6'' now I'm 5'4''. Talk about the shrinking man I belong in an old 50's sci-fi movie. Well heck I don't give durn I'll get a stool to climb up on when I want a drink of water. LoL Gotta get busy Later Pard
    Hey Cuz , sometime as soon as I get a new camera, busted my good one. I hope to make you a video of how to tie the styles you fish . Sort of long distance class. Ain't that hard . If I can do it a freak'in monkey can. I'm itching to get at them molds when they get here hope today. Lately pouring heads has out run regular lure sales . Thats just plain crazy . Think its the weather keeping folks at home preparing for the day to fish. Get ya some stuff together soon as I can. Later
    Hey Bro , I was banging around the computer at work ,I can do that on my new job, came across 5 do-it molds for round head jigs ranging from 1/4 oz to 6 oz. Got'em for 100 bucks would have cost 220 shipped new . I guess once in a while I do get a break. Brent
    Hey dugger. im in man but powell might be a bit far for me right now but I will do all I can to put you on a fish or two. shoot me an email at [email protected]
    if your headed up towards salt lake city for sure. if your headed somewere else we can possibly meet up.

    Hey dugger. you asked me if I was from the desert. I guess It all depends on how you look at it. I live near salt lake city Utah. Utah is like the second or third(i forget for sure) driest state in the union. However looking out by bedroom window I have a great view of mountain peeks that are around 10'000 ft. utah has lots of desert in fact that it some of my favorite type of terrain and there is some surprisingly good stream trout fishing. I see that you are from new mexico so ya know what i am talking about. One odf my favorite places in utah to go is lake powell, right in the middle of redrock desert. I also enjoy the mountains and love to go fishing in some of our high alpine lakes. Sorry this message is so long but I am glad you asked about it.

    In a few days I'll be getting the last component to the jigs I'm going to make for you to try . Should get them to you just about the time the big ones are gearing up to bite. Hang in there the weather is not spiffy here or there yet .
    some people just don't get it ,ice is not a reason to speed drive to see how far you slide keep warm Brent
    Lord give me strength. No I ain't ready. These crazy people here will kill you , Its not the snow or ice. I can travel in it . Went to town (closest one is 16 miles.) and on the way the roads were solid snow and ice 6'' thick. A guy in a sunbird past me at 50 mph. spun out next to my left front fender. Fortunately he went off on the opposite side of the road and missed me. I just kept putting along at 25 mph waived by sort off. Box is in the mail again.
    Man I had to cut wood in this stuff. I feel like I been shot at and missed s---t at and hit! My feet are blocks of ice still and I've been in the house for hours. Bout ready for some of that shine internally and externally with winter green and asprin in it. OUH OW DANG . never let it run down the plumbers cleavage. More snow tomorrow and Wens. Oh well I have learned to except my fate . It will be short . I think the wood cutting has killed me. Good by cruel world.
    Blistering cold here 21 and falling. No end yet. More snow today and more coming Wens. If you decide to go snow swimming with your heat wave we want pics posted. lol I did stack that snow like hay. the few people that have gone by have been pointing and laughing. They expect the unexpected from me.
    I'm froze, my brass monkey is a eunuch now . Did have a grader come through buried my drive in a four foot pile of snow. I'm not going to try to dig it. I'll wait till tonight take the hand saw cut it into squares stack it like hay. Should hit 0 plus or minus 10 degree. The weather guys don't know it yet but more is coming.
    ARE you ready. Moby Dick and Godzilla are in the front of the box. Moby has a silicone skirt and Godzilla has blended feathers and hair. Hackle, marabou, buck tail. I made them in a style used up around Ontario Canada . Used to send a little stuff up that way so they could get down 60' or more. I powder coated them by hand. They say you can't do fine design by hand with powder paint . let me know what you think. Hope you got a 7' fiberglass rod because if something hits one of these its going to be big and mean.
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