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Recent content by Bubblegum

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    Report 40 and Over Bass Club Toledo Bend 4/25/2015

    Fished our 2nd club tournament on Toledo Bend Yesterday. 8 members fished this 1.I managed to land 3 fish with 1 over 3 lbs and good for 3rd place,2 five fish stringers weighed with a total of 22 fish weighed.Will be going back to Toledo bend later this week to fish the Association of Louisiana...
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    Report 18 and under on Toledo Bend 4/4/2015

    Cold front came through late Friday afternoon so I figured the Bass would have lockjaw.Was I ever wrong.We had 20 young anglers fish this 1 and quite a few fish were caught.Several 5 fish limits with some decent fish.Winning stringer was just over 15 lbs with a 7.88 kicker to take Big Bass.This...
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    Report Toledo Bend 3/14/2015

    Made a little trip down to Toledo Bend this morning,no hurry so we left Bossier City around 7:00 and made the 70 mile drive.Sky was cloudy,wind out of the [email protected] 6mph.We fished about 100 yds and tap tap tap set the hook and the fight was on,nice little chunk about 1 1/2 maybe 2 lbs.Fished about...
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    Report 18 and under on Grand Bayou Reservoir

    Second tournament of the year.Beginning temperature 28 degrees which is cold for down here.We had 26 young anglers brave the elements.Only 3 fish weighed. 1st place and also Big Bass 1st place paid $260.00 Big Bass Paid $130.00 total $390.00 2nd place paid $138.00 3rd place paid $121.00 2nd&3rd...
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    Report 18 and Under Jr. Bass Club on Caddo Lake

    I only wish we had something like this when I was young
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    Report 18 and Under Jr. Bass Club on Caddo Lake

    Feb.7,2015 the 18 and Under Jr.Bass Club of Northwest Louisiana had their 1st tournament of the year on Caddo Lake.We had 34 young anglers come out and brave poor conditions,cold air,low was 39,high was around 50.Water temps low 40s to upper 40s.Water clarity was heavy stain.Four anglers...
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    Report First Tournament of 2015

    Water clarity was mud water temp 43 degrees at start 44 degrees at finish.Getting to the lake was another story.Partner's trolling batteries {48vdc} showed #4 battery not fully charged after a week so we stopped by the nearest Wal Mart picked up and installed new battery.Finally got to the lake...
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    Happy New Year

    Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all the folks on the Outdoor Fishing Forum. From the Sportsman's Paradise Louisiana Don[Bubblegum]Bonner
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    Thank you for the words of encouragement solitario lupo I plan on fishing quite a bit more than last year so I am looking forward to hanging into a Hawg or 2. This Louisiana forum has been too quiet so look for more post in the future.
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    Thank you Ftsh2DMax more than anything I think my main problem was not getting to prefish as much as in the past.Places where I have always caught good fish just didn't seem to hold the fish this year.However any suggestions are sure appreciated and will definitely be explored .I even tried the...
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    2014 was pretty uneventful for me,caught a few fish but nothing of any size hoping for a better year in 2015.
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    TBF and Youth Fishing

    Fish2Dmax I have been doing this for several years now and every time I go out with these young anglers I am amazed at how good some of them are.They are very serious about this sport now and in the future. Anyone who gets into this game will get more than your share of thrills from watching...
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    Review Product Reviews of Sponsors.

    On May 1st 2014 while pre fishing for the Association of Louisiana Bass Clubs Best Six Tournament on Toledo Bend I pulled out an Adams Custom Lures AC Vibe in Natural Perch.I caught fish almost every other cast,nothing really big and nothing really small.
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    Review Product Reviews of Sponsors.

    Fished an Adams custom Lures AC6D in supershad made about 5 or 6 cast and caught a 2 1/2-3lb Chain Pickerel.It was a tough day on the water.I know most of you would say not so tough water temp was 48 degrees with a light wind out of the east.Low temp was 24 degrees,high was around 50 degrees.I...
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    Humor What percentile are you?

    I guess I'm also in the 90% that catches 10%