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  • hey bd just figuered id invite you down this spring to hammer a few lake trout and muskie, let me know! dugger
    i thought they were going to leave me up there to reload but dead headed me back to Tx. Just got back down to houston area today. Sorry we couldn't hook up and have a cuppa joe, maybe next time. Hope you had a good new year and Christmas. See you in chat sometime
    hey Mr. bd, am in area and thought i would say hi. an delivering in s. jordan on 12-31. have a great new yr
    Hey Bubs send me your address please I had a brain fart and erased it,! Thanks Doug
    Yea Brian I got them last week sorry I didn't get back to you sooner I was away on vacation

    Thanx bd, I have been trying to get out as much as I can because I have another surgery coming up on my back which will keep me indoors and away from the water for a while. I'll know more about that and my current recovery Friday when I see the doc.
    Yeah, it got like night time dark at 6:00 pm. Wow! Then it passed through and the sky lightened to normal dusk light. No rain though, as much as we'd like some.
    By the time it got to us it was pretty spent wind wise, but we did get a lot of dust and just enough rain to make a mess. Thanks for your concern.
    Yea, Me and my better half migh be up there this summer I love lake fishing always wanted to fish lake powell maybe you could show me one of your honey holes wont be fishing there much your secret honey hole would be safe. LOL come to new mexico Ill share up the laker spots
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