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bass or bass?
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  • Hi bass or bass? how is the shoulder feeling? Getting ready to hit the water yet? Thought I would check in and see how you were healing. I am slowly getting ready for fishing in March.
    Am a neubie and saw you in post. I Live in Peoria, AZ and am a amatuer collector and old fisherman down sizing my collection. I just posted in the vintage forum, take a look and give me your thoughts. Thanks, hope to meet you someday down the road.
    thanks for the welcome .bass or bass .sound like you are from out west hope to get out thare sometime.
    I am glad you recived them in time for your trip. They will do you very well I am sure. Your Fishing Buddy Thanks you for the sale(Which have been brisk) Tight Lines ,COOP
    Hi Bass or Bass?

    I just thought I would mention I used to live in Arizona. 16 years in Casa Grande and 10 years in Show Low. I worked on the Diamond Back Stadium through the Ironworkers. Arizona Ironworker for 15 years. Now disabled.
    I have riden my Horses all over Arizona.
    Just thought I would say Hi and introduce myself a little better.
    I am at a loss as to how to tell if I win anything. I guess I'm just getting old. No Bass today but I landed myself a dozen larger than my hand Bluegills. I used some of my handcrafted sponge ants. I saw bass
    but they came up for look ,but none took the fly. 12 I could see just did not want to bit, I tried many flies. The drought here in Indiana is just ending now and the water levels after still low. But the fishing was fun.
    You sound like a fellow I'd like to fish with. I make and use my on rod and Flies. I like a 7 wt in a 9 footer. I use Greys Reels. I go for Large Mouths and Trout.
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've only lived here in Melbourne for a year, but i have been Cocoa Beach serveral times and Cape Canaveral. You will not recognize any of it at all unless you have been back.
    Hey buddy, noticed you've got a new avatar. Thought I was seein' things at first...you look just like a good friend of mine! "tight Lines"
    Hi B or B. I seen your area had another big dust storm. seen some crazy looking pics.

    Hi B or B. I just seen on the news that you guys had a massive dust storm. I hope all is well with you.

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