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bass or bass?
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  • Thanking you for the welcome message,i think this forum is fantastic,you watch (BBC television programs almost exclusively) i can get you any irish programe you want from irish tv :) but i need a bit of notice if you want anything,here is Tv Listings http://www.rte.ie/ten/listings/ the irish ones are RTE ONE,RTE TWO,3,and TG4..as i said just give plenty of notice of the programe you want and i will up it to my youtube channel or a torrent...https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbuXgisN3Iy-ffMPCzjdDrQ
    Hey BorB, yes it is me CWD, I ve been away for a while, I have checked in a couple of times, Having a hard time with life right now. things are all upside down and catty whompus. I haven't spent much time doing much except trying to get a handle on my life. I did manage to get 1 day of fishing in so far this year. but it really wasn't a fishing trip it was time to help clear my head. right now I feel like Im running and avoiding every one and every thing. I just wanted to let you know I am still around and when I get things figured out, I will be back on O-F catching up with the gang. Tight lines and take care chris
    Hi, and thanks. Just found this message, as I am still learning to navigate the site. Hope to have more fishing stuff to post soon!
    Golly has the Red Changed since you were here,did they have the locks and dams in place or were they still in the dream relm.The Red is producing some good quality bass in the 10+ .lb up to I think the biggest so far is around 14lb.my personal best has been 10.20 caught last year.
    hi bass or bass how is the shoulder, I made a friend at the lake where I fish and he has been teaching me and showing me haw to catch more trout and telling me how to go about catching catfish, we can start catching bass again this Saturday. how has the fishing been for you?
    Did you get out fishing yet? I have been out a lot but still have not caught anything, I am going to look for other bait tomorrow when I go shopping, and I am going to get a Shakespeare firebird spinning combo while I am out.
    Well how is the shoulder, you ready to go out fishing next month? Trout starts on March 30th here I have my bait and new jigs, and new gear to hit the water with this year, I hope I can beat my catch from last year of 13 1/2 inch brown trout
    Thank You! and let me add a thank to all vet. Some gave some, Some gave all. All were good fisherman.
    Old Soldier,
    Kenny White
    i put a forum up called fishing line i need some help i was giving a new spool of berkley trilene xl armor coat green 10lb test from bassmasters not sure about it
    That sounds great when the time comes have a great birthday trip and catch a lot of fish...
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