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  • Afeef,

    Good morning. I went through your photo album - Is This a Jig. Hope it helps. Please let me know how I can help. Sincerely, Jerry A
    when I use live bait, for bluegill I use red worms, crickets night crawlers and some times, small strips of bacon and nibblet corn.
    I have even caught them with bare gold color hooks.
    these fish are not picky, however they are masters of stripping bait off a hook, if there is too much bait on the hook.
    Use only 1 red worm,no matter how small it is. and only use a small peice of night crawler
    remember these fish have a small mouth and can only fit so much it at one time,
    they are more active in the early spring and early summer, but you can catch the all year if you know where and how to find them.
    you may want to check out this other form, bigbluegill.com there is tons of info just on bluegills here. my user name on this site is chris, and my location is Lemoore ca.
    hope to see you over there, just so you know, there are others from O-F on this form as well and they will be happyto see you as well.
    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing, THE place to talk fishing! Hope you find the forums enjoyable and informative. Looking forward to your posts. Happy Fishing! <><
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