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Kansas Freshwater Fishing Reports for the state of Kansas.

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Default Over 65 Licenses in Ks

I got an explanation yesterday from an old guy I met at the store. He said that the reason we now need fishing/hunting license from age 65-74 is:

There is a fed excise tax on all things hunting and fishing (probably others) that is assessed on the manufacturer. He passes that cost on to the retailer or other and it is in turn hidden in the cost we pay for whatever the item is.

The Fed Gov't returns a portion (I don't know how much) to the states based on the # of valid hunting/fishing licenses it has in force for that particular year.

According to the gent I got this from, there are 35,000 h/f in Kansas between 65 and 74. That means the state gets that much more from the feds.

My response was: I'm willing to pay $42.50 (for a lifetime license) in order to get more from the feds. I'm 69 so I get 5 years worth of license (h/f) which comes out to about $8/year.

I'm pretty happy with that!!!!!

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